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Waterproofs for Kids | Children’s Wet Weather Gear – Parents Article

Whether your little one is a Peppa Pig fan or not, it’s practically guaranteed that they’ll want to jump in muddy puddles – the magnetic pull is just too strong to resist! From all-in-ones, brollies and wellies, embrace the autumn with this fabulous selection of wet weather gear for maximum fun in the rain. And don’t forget – if you’re going to jump in muddy puddles – you MUST wear your boots! Splish, splash, splosh, splish, splash! Fleece Lined Rain…

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{Kids Style File} Corals on Easter – Single Mum, Parents Article

pants: Children’s Place | shoes: The Gap | bow ties and shirts: H&M  Aiden: Mommy, we don’t have to wear the same exact outfit! Can’t we just wear kinda the same colors?  Me: Aiden, don’t you want August to have happy memories of you two wearing matching outfits on special days like Easter?  Aiden: Yeah, but I’m not doing this next year.   Well, then. I guess he told me. I mean, it’s not like the outfits aren’t cute and whatnot.…

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{Kids Style File} To Be Fresh, Fly, and Ten-Years-Old – Single Mum, Parents Article

The other day, Aiden and I were out shopping and I found myself schooling him on how to tell if something is priced too high, what the actual worth of the product is, and how/where he could go to get a better deal. Because: bargain hunting! Duh!Truth be told, I find myself doing that a lot these days with him — schooling him on life. Particularly, things in life for when he doesn’t have me standing right next to him…

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