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Crisis Budgeting: How to Survive Financial Catastrophe And Thrive on the Other Side – Single Mum, Parents Article

When you’re a single parent, it doesn’t take much to knock you into a financial crisis. Sudden job loss… flooded basement… a sick or injured child… dozens of things can make you dip into and use up your emergency savings. And those financial setbacks can leave you struggling to make ends meet. Lots of times, those events pile on top of each other. And like so many of you, I’ve lived with financial anxiety, and had months where I  couldn’t…

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Save $2,000 Using Head of Household Tax Status…Here’s How to Qualify – Single Mum, Parents Article

Updated for 2019 You can save more than $2,000 on your tax bill by checking one little box: Head of Household status. That’s why you and every eligible single mom should claim Head of Household (HoH) status… to keep that income tax bill as low as possible. Using this filing status can save you hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars on your income taxes. For one thing, the standard deduction using HoH status is $18,000. If you file as single…

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