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Five Year Old Quotes | Okayest Mom – Parenting Twins Article

From the kid who says things like, “I like hot pants. They keep me warm”, here’s a list of R’s five-year-old quotes for you. (Yes, I know he’s seven now. I’m slow.) I thought it might be time for something a little lighthearted. (See, I don’t always write about racism, politics, adoption, and anxiety. ) Enjoy! ***ON TURNING FIVE***To his little brother Tomorrow I will be five. You will be five another day, okay? SAY OKAY! Me: Happy birthday! You’re…

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Two-Year-Old Quotes, Twin Edition | Okayest Mom – Parenting Twins Article

Alas, my dear readers, you have been so patient recently as I have tackled the not-so-funny topics of racism, politics, anxiety, and adoption. I reward your long-suffering with – ta-da! – some overdue twin quotes! You can see their personalities very clearly here. Anyway, two-year-olds were hilarious. And exhausting.  (Note: “E” refers to “Twin A” and “G” refers to “Twin B”. I’m not consistent. And yes, I know they are four years old now, not two. I’m slow. So what?!)…

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