Kickass Single Moms

The creative cure for crappity crap single mom days — Single Mom Nation – Single Mum, Parents Article

You’ve been through something like this, right? I was huddled over a near-flat tire, fumbling with an ancient air hose at a rather scary Speedway gas station in the middle of Strip Mall, Indiana yesterday afternoon. My pants were leather, my heels were high, my blouse was sophisticated, my rose gold hair and hot pink lipstick were somehow still perfectly in place. But my hands? They were covered in grease, dirt, and God only know what else lives in the…

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We love the podcast love — Single Mom Nation – Single Mum, Parents Article

You know that elated feeling that washes over you when you look around the table or room or conference panel and realize that not only are you sitting with some kickass women, you are actually a part of the group? That’s how we feel whenever we get a nod from other single mothers who are empowering, elevating and connecting women like us.  We are so honored to be included on ESME’s list of Podcasts to Keep You Grounded Amidst the…

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Another single mom pep talk — Single Mom Nation – Single Mum, Parents Article

Those things we believe in the hot molten core of us, that we lavish on a crying or raging or desperately lonely girlfriend, that we will profess in Facebook updates or in a workshop with clients or to our daughters – we need to hear them, too. Single moms need these reminders over and over because it takes some time and persistence to break through the thoughts on fast-forward, the scrolling to-do lists, the scripts for that dreaded talk with…

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