The Cunningham Family: around here: week 13 2020 – Parenting Twins Article

{March 22-28} {Logan & Jack flashback :: Alaska 2012} {flashback to Alaska & little Wyatt} My friend Corbett shared this beautiful quote by Mary Oliver: “it is a serious thing just to be alive on this fresh morning in this broken world” I loved how it reminded me that the world has always been imperfect, and every day that we wake up is hard in its own way.  It’s just that now it’s so obvious how imperfect and hard it…

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Week 26 Around Here {2019} – Parenting Twins Article

{pc: Aunt Roxanne} Having… my sister over along with her kids on Saturday.  It was a really fun day, and I was so glad to spend the day with her.  She even curled Carly’s hair while she was here with my new wand from Ulta, and Carly looked so darn cute! I enjoyed loving on my niece Romy & seeing all the kids snuggled up on the couch together watching a movie during movie night.  They’re just so sweet together.Trading……

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The Cunningham Family: Week 22 Around Here – Parenting Twins Article

Watching… Game of Thrones with Josh.  We are still in season one, so I have to be very careful of any spoilers out there… but I am so happy to have a show to watch with him. Reading… Beauty (a retelling of Beauty and the Beast) for my neighborhood book club, and listening to The Nest on audio.  Beauty is just alright for me. It’s not my favorite read, and The Nest is fun to listen to,  but also not…

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