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Tell them the one about the fish – Office Mum – Parents Article

It was eleven o’clock on Sunday morning, and we’d been chatting to and entertained by our hosts, Jean and Dónal, for about an hour at that stage. We’d only met Dónal that morning but we’d meet Jean two days earlier when we’d arrived in her Airbnb in Ballybunion. She had welcomed us like old friends, although having said that, even old friends don’t get homemade scones with cream and jam in my house (sorry, old friends). And by the time we headed out…

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Snapshot of a woman in a house – Office Mum – Parents Article

After 18 months of searching, fourteen thousand buckets of tears when we walked away from our old house, seven nail-biting weeks from “sale agreed” to “here are the keys”, and a month of almost-done refurbishment, we’re finally in our new house. And it’s bliss. Except for all the things that aren’t working yet, like the oven, the extractor fan, the microwave, the washing machine, the dryer, and the freezer. But it doesn’t matter, because we’re in! So here’s a snapshot of…

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Glue in my head (medical term: hayfever) – Office Mum – Parents Article

I can’t think straight. I can’t breathe. I feel like someone has poured glue inside my head. And the thing is, it’s not “someone” who did it, it’s me. My own dumbass system, over-reacting to pollen – producing histamine because it thinks it’s under attack. “You’re not under attack, dumbass,” I tell my insides every day, but they can’t hear me, because they’re covered in glue. (As you can see, I’m cross.) I’ve been getting hayfver since I was twenty-five…

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