Josh and me

The Cunningham Family: around here: week 9 2020 – Parenting Twins Article

{where grandpa fell} Napping… with Josh on Sunday afternoon while the kids had screen time and it was the best nap ever. Sometimes I can’t believe we have kids old enough to entertain themselves for an hour while we attempt to catch up on our lost decade of sleep. (Hah!)Prepping… for Monday, as usual, on Sunday.  Cleaning house, catching up on homework and doing loads of laundry. It always feels good to start the week feeling ahead of the game.Comforting……

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The Cunningham Family: around here :: week 4 2020 – Parenting Twins Article

{January 17-25} {Birthday Girl!}{Pregnant with Carly May} Sending… the twins back to school after Logan missed seven school days thanks to pneumonia and Jack missed five thanks to Influenza A and a double ear infection. Thankfully after emailing each of their teachers (they have 14 total) a lot of their work was excused.  But they still had quite a bit of catch up to do this week as it was the end of the quarter and some things can’t be…

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Week 39 Around Here {2019} – Parenting Twins Article

{Rock Paper Scissors at the vet with Jack} Painting… two of our three bathrooms on Saturday while Josh had the kids at the land with his parents and brother.  I started with the downstairs bathroom which had been a color called pumpkin marshmallow.  I painted it a soothing green-ish color called Breezeway by Behr, and I love the result.  When we paint the trim, it’s going to look really sharp in there. Then I moved on to our master bedroom,…

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