Jon Snow

The Single Dad’s Guide To The Game Of Thrones: Fire And Blood Edition – Single Dad, Parents Article

It’s Over.  Caput.  Finito!  Done! Drained . . . Completed . . . Exhausted . . . Spent . . . We reached the ending to the Game of Thrones.  Is there honestly anything left to say?  From those who have decided to take the day off, suffering from Game of Throne-itis, to those who cannot bear to talk about the last few minutes of Television history in the making, we as an audience have been drained.  Our collective wills…

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Dry Bones And A Cry Out For Mercy To The Queen Of The Ashes In Game Of Thrones – Single Dad, Parents Article

***Title photo courtesy of HBO ©2019** Sometimes in life, when you watch something staggering you to your very core, you stand silent afterward. In 1993, I convinced my friends to go to Hollywood to watch an early release of a film I had been reading about. It was the second movie out by Spielberg in the same year. While Jurassic Park had earned praise and awe from those who watched it, Schindler’s List moved you on a deeper level. You…

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