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Midlife Singlemum: Yom Kippur In Israel – Single Mum, Parents Article

May all your roads to happiness be clear. (Acre, August 2019) I’ve been AWOL on the blog due to traveling and then having to catch up with real life, and a bit of apathy tbh. I keep composing great blog posts in my head and never getting round to typing them  up and publishing. Oh well. This is how it goes in Israel… July and August are the long summer break for schools, and then when you get back to…

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Midlife Singlemum: R2BC – Festival of Weeks – Single Mum, Parents Article

Anticipating the wheat harvest.Or perhaps just thinking about the pizza we ordered for them. For all my excitement last week about coming to the end of the academic year and having more time on my hands… turns out it was a bit premature and it has been another busy week. Here are my Reasons 2B Cheerful. There’s a linky over at Mich’s Mummy from the Heart, where us cheerful bloggers hang out. 1WeddingOn Thursday night I went to a wedding…

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Midlife Singlemum: R2BC – The Pesach Edition – Single Mum, Parents Article

We went to London for Pesach. I try to keep our travel plans off social media until we’ve returned home but it doesn’t usually work very well. Anyway, lots of reasons 2B cheerful from our holiday. And lots more R2BC from other bloggers over at Becky’s Lakes Single Mum. 1Seder Night We have two of them. Both a lot of fun. DD was in charge of making the place names for the table. The photo shows what she made for…

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