Infertility– Suffering, Marriage, Friendship and Faith Radio Interview – Foster Parents Article

It was a weird moment the other day when I verbalized to my husband that we are now experiencing secondary infertility. About fifteen years ago we were diagnosed with infertility, adopted four kids, experienced two miracle pregnancies that ended with the births of our sons (and two ectopic pregnancies) and now here we are again. We don’t necessarily want to have more biological kids, but the weird thing about infertility is that just because you don’t want to get pregnant…

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Meet Spencer Trinwith: Creative Unstoppable Inspiration – Single Dad, Parents Article

So many big films coming out in the next year it’s hard to keep track of them all.  Marvel just finished up one section of its cinematic universe.  Aladdin and the Lion King will be making its way to theaters coming in the next several months.  And we have another Star Wars Franchise movie lurking out there.  And for those of you who consider Game of Thrones a cinematic experience, it just concluded.  Of all the major event pieces coming…

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Podcast Interview: The Mindset You Must Change if You Want a Great Marriage – Single Dad, Parents Article

(Image/ I know what you’re probably not thinking: I really want to listen to Matt blather on about conflict in relationships! And because you’re not thinking that, this is me encouraging you to start thinking about it because clearly I’m an attention-whore. Therapist and author Lesli Doares, because she’s kind and gracious, invites me onto her podcast Happily Ever After is Just the Beginning every so often to jam about relationship stuff. (You can also check out Lesli’s The Hero Husband Project…

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