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17 Ways to Calm Down for Parents – Parents Article

Calm Parents = Much Calmer Kids It all starts at the top, folks.  Whether we are talking about personnel management, coaching or parenting. The people in leadership positions completely set the tone for what is acceptable and expected. It’s not that simplistic, though, I know.  The bi-directional nature of relationships means each side impacts the other…and that means that even if you remain uber calm as a parent, your intense child may still have a huge impact, both on your…

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Stop Raising Your Voice, Stop Raising Your Blood Pressure – Parents Article

Stop Raising Your Voice, Stop Raising Your Blood Pressure It’s easier said than done, right? You wake up with the best intentions, promising yourself it’s going to be a calm, relaxing, stress free day…then BOOM…it happens. Things get a bit harried, the bickering starts, then the whining, then the screaming…until, you’ve reached your limit and start yelling in frustration yourself.  Then the guilt sets in. You start feeling bad that you “lost it”. You start feeling like you fell short…

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