Identical Twins

Now You Are Four – Twinderelmo – Parenting Twins Article

I read back the post I wrote when my girls turned three, so I felt it was fitting to write one this year. Girls, on your fourth birthday I can’t believe we are here. Now you are four, life is about to crank up a notch. This past year, dare I say, has been easier. Being twins has really come into its own and you absolutely love playing together. Aided by the confidence you’ve picked up after nine months at…

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Identical Twins – Myths BUSTED – Parenting Twins Article

When we found out we were expecting identical twins, I had visions of little darlings skipping off holding hands, cuddling, kissing wearing matching clothes looking exactly the same. The reality is somewhat different; we still have the holding hands, kissing and cuddling but we also have brutal brawls, endless bickering, tears, tantrums and some serious attitude. Welcome to the real life of identical twins. Social media reinforces this stereotypes that identical twins have this magical inseparable bond with magical superhuman powers…

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Running with life | My Life with Identical Twins – Parenting Twins Article

I like to run.  I mean, I’m not fast (turtles may actually be faster).  But I enjoy it.  I like the solitude because, generally speaking, being around hordes of people is not my idea of a good time.  I like listening to music as my feet pound the treadmill or pavement.  I like the soreness that comes from a really good run. A couple months ago, G tells me “I want to run like you mommy!”  This makes me proud…

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