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Try a Few Things Before You Call in a Professional for Boiler Repair – Parents Article

I strongly value DIYing things when possible, or at least doing what you can first, and if that doesn’t work, then calling in a professional. While I don’t have a boiler in my house (I have solar water heating and the system that goes along with that), these tips from a reader hopefully will be able to help some of you who do have boilers. Your boiler is something you can take for granted until it goes it wrong. Because…

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When DIY Doesn’t Work… And My Updated Bathroom Look – Parents Article

I’ve previously written about my decision to make my bathrooms beach themed to take advantage of the sand colored tiles on the wall. But though I used lots of color and decoration to make my en suite bathroom beach themed, the bathroom for the main part of a house, literally just a toilet in one room (with the sink and bathtub in the room next door), was without color at all, just this sand colored tile, because there’s no accessories…

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The Cunningham Family: Week 22 Around Here – Parenting Twins Article

Watching… Game of Thrones with Josh.  We are still in season one, so I have to be very careful of any spoilers out there… but I am so happy to have a show to watch with him. Reading… Beauty (a retelling of Beauty and the Beast) for my neighborhood book club, and listening to The Nest on audio.  Beauty is just alright for me. It’s not my favorite read, and The Nest is fun to listen to,  but also not…

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