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Getting my garden ready for summer with Love your Garden expert Katie Rushworth and Tesco – Single Mum, Parents Article

Last week I was lucky enough to get some gardening advice from Katie Rushworth from ITV’s Love your Garden who gave me some top tips on getting the garden ready for summer.  It’s not very often you get the opportunity for a professional gardener cast an eye over your garden, so I was very excited to see what she might say about mine.   We were meant to talk on the phone, but due to our work commitments we decided…

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Making slow progress in the garden – Single Mum, Parents Article

Well, since my last post about the garden I’ve kept to my word and done 20-30 minutes gardening a day.  It’s about the right amount of time to fit in with everything else, but still have an impact on the garden. I’ve tided the curved border, and cleared out quite a few of the hellebores – they had taken over the whole border!  I’ve planted three lupins, plus some irises and a couple of other plants (the names of them…

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