Asahiyama Zoo, Shirogane Blue Pond, Shirahige Falls – Parents Article

Among all the local tours that we’ve joined in Hokkaido, this one checked all the boxes for a good time – organized with ample time for each attraction, buffet lunch included, clean and comfortable coach to sit on, bilingual tour guide and sufficient toilet breaks (important for kids LOL). The tour covers 3 famous attractions – Asahiyama Zoo, Shirogane Blue Pond and Shirahige Falls, perfect for those who don’t drive. This is also one of the most popular tours on…

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11 Days Hokkaido Free and Easy Summer Vacation – Parents Article

Shortly after we returned from our Hokkaido winter vacation, I came across a sweet deal from Thai Airways offering flight tickets from SIN – CTS at half the price I paid for our winter vacation. Seriously, it’s HALF price! So irresistible isn’t it? 😍 I went back and forth on whether I should book for our June holiday. PSLE is just 3 months away, so it seems a bit reckless, plus there will be compulsory supplementary lessons during the holiday.…

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Hokkaido Travel Tips: Public Transport in Hokkaido – Parents Article

People often talk about their Hokkaido trip, but when they do, it isn’t always about useful travel tips or things you should know before traveling there such as public transport in Hokkaido. When I headed off to Hokkaido for the first-time, there were a few things I wish I had known before setting off. I spent a lot of time on itinerary planning, but I missed out on some important things like how to take a public transport in Hokkaido,…

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