Imagination – A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent. – Single Dad, Parents Article

It doesn’t have to be big to have a bucket full of atmosphere. This is Skelton Tower on the North Yorkshire Moors. It’s almost 200 years old and is a former hunting lodge. If you time your arrival at the Tower correctly then you can enjoy the passing Steam Train coming down the North Yorkshire Moors railway. Unfortunately this walking muppet has never managed that. Still you still get views of the haunting Newtondale. The Tower is also a fantastic…

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Babi a Fi: Books about Cwmbran – Parents Article

Books about Cwmbran! I’ll link all the titles up to review posts about them, eventually. For now here’s an (incomplete) list…✩ Cwmbran History and Mystery – Carol Ann Lewis (2013)✩ Cwmbran Vol 1. – Gareth D. John and Graham Lawrence (2007)✩ Cwmbran Vol 2. – Gareth D. John and Graham Lawrence (2009)✩ Rebuilding a Valley: History of Cwmbran Development Corporation – Philip Riden (1988)✩ The Trains don’t stop here any more: A pictorial history of Cwmbran from the 1930’s to the…

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Family Connections & History • Science of Parenting • Iowa State University Extension and Outreach – Parents Article

Last week, I gave you some hobbies and activities to try in order to celebrate your family and create #greatchildhoods. Want to dig a little deeper? The next step beyond immediate family activities is family connections and family history. These are the ideas that will help parents connect their children to those who came before them and helped to pave the way. Remembering, celebrating, and reflecting on history is a great way to bond with one another across generations! Ideas…

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