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The Kind of Mom They Made Me | – Foster Parents Article

I have a serious issue with baking bread. In my mind the world is divided into two kinds of women:  those who bake bread and those who don’t. I have happily been in the “those who don’t” category for my entire adult life. Baking bread has always gone hand in hand in my mind with wearing denim jumpers and believing bowling alleys are the gates of hell. I’m not proud of these assumptions, I’m just telling you how strongly I…

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Lord, Let me Catch My Children | – Foster Parents Article

A Prayer for My Children as They Make Their Own Choices Lord, let me catch my children. Rebecca Tredway Photography May I always listen to that still small voice that tells me to walk into the room without warning. Let me not avoid that nagging Holy Spirit prompting that gnaws at my heart when I think about what could be on that screen or under that bed or on that phone or in that drawer. Please let me forget my…

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I’m Done Apologizing for My Apologies | – Foster Parents Article

I was late to a meeting this morning. It was absolutely unavoidable because I had to drop my kids off at school (which starts at 9 a.m.) before I could head over to the meeting across town (which also started at 9 a.m.). I hate being late. As I got closer to my destination I imagined walking into the meeting and what I would need to say to own my lateness. As I contemplated my options, I heard the voice…

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