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Midlife Singlemum: Slimming Sunday – IF Only Revisited – Single Mum, Parents Article

Two years ago I wrote this post. I’d lost 10 lbs with intermittent fasting for one month and I laid out my plans for the following month. The following month’s plans never happened. I managed to keep some of the benefits of IF because even a short period of fasting has longer term benefits, but I lost the momentum. So last week I was actually in almost the exact same position I’d been in two years ago. If you follow…

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Why We Need To Stop Rewarding Our Kids With Junk Food – Parents Article

It’s amazing, when you become a parent, what gets you all riled up and what leaves you completely un-phased. I was at a recent school induction where the parents were up in flaming and flailing arms about teacher reshuffling, play vs. work ratio and school diaries. The one mom even wept through a sob story about how she had to take a weeks leave to assist her child to deal with the trauma of getting a new teacher. As I sat…

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