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Java Junkie: My 30-Day Trial of Elevate Coffee – Single Dad, Parents Article

A lot of folks around here are waking up to Elevate Brew Coffee.(Image courtesy of Marie Molnar)So, in the little town where I live, there’s been sort a groundswell for a “healthy” coffee called Elevate. I decided to check it out for myself. Wait, I think I’m getting ahead of myself a little. Let me start again.I meet a friend for coffee a few times a week. A little more than a month ago, my friend, who’s a professional fitness…

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No Time for Breakfast? Here Are Some Ideas. – Single Dad, Parents Article

The Favorite Son finishing homework before school. Sometimes, you have time tomake breakfast. Sometimes, you don’t.No doubt, you’ll have your hands full on many mornings, Dad. Even if you share custody of your children, some of the time you’ll be the project manager to get the kids out of bed, dressed, fed, lunches made, and on the bus. Of course, older children provide their own unique challenges and opportunities: small children, small problems; big children, big problems. Regardless, there will…

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