2019 Fake News In Review – The Single Dad’s Guide To Fake News: Volume 33 – Single Dad, Parents Article

As we get to the end of the year, it’s always a good time to review all of the things which have happened in the past year.  All the craziness of the news should be no different.  Whether it’s Jo Bro Brews, Ice Cream Mayhem, or ridiculous problems with baby products, the news has been rife with everything absurd imaginable.  We are here to clean up the mess and bring it to you here first.  Normally, this would mean taking…

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A Week in Maui! | We Have Twins?! – Parenting Twins Article

My little brother got married in Maui this November. I got to spend six nights there with my family, and Andy stayed home with the boys. Not too shabby!! It was gorgeous and peaceful and wonderful. Obviously! It was a pretty quiet week, with a lot of quality family time and relaxed hanging out. This was the view when we walked into our condo. Our jaws literally dropped. The wedding was simple, sweet, and beautiful. It was at a beachside/cliffside…

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Riptide! | We Have Twins?! – Parenting Twins Article

This is my new friend Jeff. He rescued me from a riptide in Maui. That morning, my sister and I went snorkeling at Honolua. It was amaaazing. The sky was perfect. The little cove is totally protected from wind so there are zero waves. It wasn’t very crowded. There were sea turtles! We were snorkeling for maybe an hour, and I could have happily stayed another hour or two. So I couldn’t wait to get in the water again when…

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