Navigating Halloween – Dad’s Awesome Life – Single Dad, Parents Article

It’s here. No, not Christmas; Halloween! The one time of the year we allow our kids to walk up to a stranger’s house, ask for candy, then actually eat it not knowing where it came from! Madness, candy from strangers? Yes, and despite what the year 2018 will tell you, Halloween is safe. It’s safe when you do your homework. As parents, we’re always adapting and calling audibles at the line based on what we see in front of us.…

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Feelings Don’t Have to Be Scary – Parents Article

Feelings Don’t Have to Be ScaryFeelings can be challenging, but when we teach kids skills to deal with them, life gets immeasurably easier. Allowing feelings to be experienced, processed and then, let go…builds healthy, happy people. Stifling, shushing, or silencing feelings leads to all kinds of potential problems such as stress, explosiveness, depression, anxiety and a host of other issues.Halloween-Themed ResourcesWe have a ton of free and paid resources for Halloween. Listed below are all of our products, posts and…

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