Adding Spice to Your Love Life Through Routine and Predictability – Single Dad, Parents Article

“We almost died like 15 times throughout this movie, Sandra. We should totally go home and do it.” – Keanu Reeves (Image/whodatedwho.com) Have you ever been an audience member during a speaking presentation or concert where the audience is asked to do something to participate—like share something to the group, or clap, or sing? You remember that feeling? Yeah, you do. I’ve always hated that shit. It triggers whatever big red Discomfort Button that lives in the invisible parts of…

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5 Habits To Bring into the New Year – Parenting Twins Article

Well, the new year has come and we are full swing into 2019.With a new year comes a fresh opportunity to reestablish habits or maybe incorporate new routines. There’s something beautiful about having a fresh start! I wanted to share some habits that I think are helpful and that I want you to consider incorporating into your routine if you’re not doing so already. Often the focus of the new year is health and fitness. While this is extremely important,…

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Change Your Habits: 5 Tips for Success – Parents Article

Affiliate links are used in this post. If you click through and  purchase through our link, we receive a small percentage of  the sale to help us offset the costs in running our blog. Thank you! Change Your Habits Have you found yourself trying to change habits, year after year, only to find your progress is stalled before you turn the calendar page to February? It’s sad, but true, that most resolutions (which are typically habit changes) are never seen…

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