Competitive Gymnastics: Year 1 Day 1 – Parenting Twins Article

For the past four years, my girls have taken gymnastics classes at a small gym near our home.  They started in a Mommy and Me class, moving up through a few levels and although I’ve always noticed they have a natural ability, I wasn’t really pushing them to do more than the one hour a week. Then a couple months ago they asked to add an additional tumbling class.  So two hours a week.  The tumbling class was private so…

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Bunny’s Gymnastic Dreams and Some Exciting News – Parenting Twins Article

Bunny has been doing acrobatic gymnastics for six and a half years and tumbling for one and a half years, trying to reach her gymnastic dreams. She started when she was just 5 years old in one of the recreational classes, like my twins are in now. She started in the Blue group, which at the time, was the youngest group of gymnasts. She did two gymnastics badges per year and gradually moved up to the green group and then…

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The Excitement and the Pitfalls of Rehearsing for the School Production – Parenting Twins Article

My 11 year old daughter Bunny, is soon to be in her very first secondary school production! She absolutely LOVED acting in primary school. Actually scrap that. She absolutely LOVED any kind of performance. Whether it was gymnastics in the school talent show, speaking in an assembly, dancing or even singing in a school play. She always auditioned for the bigger parts and she made me so emotional when she sang her solo in her final primary school play.  …

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