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How Counseling Can Help Your Child – Single Mum, Parents Article

When you think of a prepubescent children’s counselor, you may imagine a school counselor who gives your kid advice and who listens to them a bit should they need to vent. That is one aspect of children’s counseling, but there are many types of counselors and many services they can offer.  If your child needs to see a counselor, there’s no shame in giving them some help. Here are some ways that children’s counseling can help you.  They Can Help…

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Preventing Discontentment From Growing In Our Hearts…Guest Post! – Single Mum, Parents Article

This past summer, my kids, dog and I went to a cabin by a lake for a week. We enjoyed the quiet mornings and, in the afternoons, went cave exploring and ax throwing. It was a great vacation except for one thing. My son couldn’t seem to enjoy himself on vacation because he wished for something more. You see, we’d previously discussed getting another dog since our toy poodle passed away in February. I’d said we would wait until after vacation.…

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