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Starting School! A ramble | We Have Twins?! – Parenting Twins Article

Our boys will begin kindergarten this week. I think I need to say that again because even though I’ve said it a lot in the last few months, the gravity of the idea still hasn’t quite sunk in. (Hence the wandering mess that I’m sharing with you here.) E and M are starting school this week. They will be in kindergarten. They will be real students in a real school. I started this post on Sunday. The ultimate Sunday–the last…

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My Girls At 5 – Twinderelmo – Parenting Twins Article

Today my girls turn 5. I can’t quite believe I am writing that as life just keeps flying by, as cliché as that sounds. We woke up at the crack of dawn on a scorching hot June morning to make our way to the hospital to meet our daughters. You could tell it was going to be a scorcher as we drove, I remember the heat off the fields as we drove on the quiet roads. Each 7th June since…

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