The Cunningham Family: around here :: week 3 2020 – Parenting Twins Article

All Day.Every Day.#momlife {feels like 2!?!} Reading… Anne of Green Gables (my book choice for book club!) and listening to Five Love Languages of Children and The Good Earth (another book club book that I just jumped into ahead of time).  Five Love Languages is giving me tons of good ideas for showing love to my many children, and The Good Earth is so much more engrossing than I had imagined.Finishing… Gentle Ben with the boys who really enjoyed it. …

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Lord, Let me Catch My Children | – Foster Parents Article

A Prayer for My Children as They Make Their Own Choices Lord, let me catch my children. Rebecca Tredway Photography May I always listen to that still small voice that tells me to walk into the room without warning. Let me not avoid that nagging Holy Spirit prompting that gnaws at my heart when I think about what could be on that screen or under that bed or on that phone or in that drawer. Please let me forget my…

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The Stronghold of Bitterness – – Single Dad, Parents Article

This is the second in a series of behind-the-scenes blog posts regarding the book, The Single Dad Detour. At the start of Chapter 3, I mention a friend named “Rick.” A fake name for the book, but a real friend nonetheless. Rick and I were buddies from my days living in Polk County, FL. We went to church together and performed together in several drama productions at our church where I served as the Director of Theater Arts.  On page…

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