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13 Thoughts About Running 13.1 Miles – Single Mum, Parents Article

Last weekend, I ran the Shape Women’s Half-Marathon. Yeah, you read that right. I laced up my New Balance kicks, secured my bib, and ran around Central Park. Twice. And then some. It was the longest distance I’ve ever run. (My previous longest run was nearly 10 miles.) Miles 1-7 were good and smooth. I was in a groove and, at an average pace of 10’0″/mi, I felt like Super Woman. Then it got hot. And hard. And as it…

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Mommy Delicious: 4.0 and Running Goals – Single Mum, Parents Article

I’m officially a runner, y’all! A couple of weeks ago, HEB and I ran the Al Gordon Brooklyn 4M race with the NYRR and I was able to check off one of my 2019 goals that I didn’t even know I had! Even though it was pretty cold that day and I had to wake up pretty early to get to Prospect Park, I’m happy that I did the race. At the gym, I’ve been running 4 miles in roughly…

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Mommy Delicious: Brick by Brick – Single Mum, Parents Article

How I greeted students after Winter Break I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), otherwise known as seasonal depression. In fact, even though it’s the start of a new year and new beginnings, January is my least favorite month of the year. I hate that it’s cold and that it gets dark by 4:00pm and it really affects my mood. Every year, I sit and complain and wallow in the fact that I really hate January and wish it were…

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