Giving Birth

Tips to Avoid Pooping During Labor – Parents Article

Want to avoid pooping during labor? The need to push harder than you’ve ever pushed before – Your childbirth experience is likely going to come attached with a nurse cheering you on to do just that. It is only natural that the human body responds in certain ways to such an intense activity. Many mothers actually push so hard that they end up pooping during delivery. This is a normal occurrence, and nothing to be ashamed of, but there are…

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What is an Orgasmic Birth? The Comprehensive Guide – Parents Article

An orgasmic birth is often a topic of controversy, but also a widespread phenomenon, some women are able to experience pleasure during childbirth. This level of pleasure has been placed on an orgasmic, or ecstatic, scale. While this might sound unlikely to some, there are plenty of mothers that will vouch for their own experience of having an orgasmic birth. To achieve this, you must ride the waves of pleasure into delivering your child. Yes, this is much easier said…

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Benefits of a Squatting Birth – Parents Article

Are you interested in a squatting birth? Birthing your baby is the ultimate conclusion to your pregnancy after 9 months or more of preparation. All the carrying and growing of your child comes down to a single, beautiful act of delivery, a process that can be approached in many different ways. So the question is: How will you decide which method is best for you? There are many different locations that you can choose to have your child in, the…

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