Diabolical Rantings of a Single Dad: Valentine’s Day Grievances – Single Dad, Parents Article

Every year as Valentine’s Day looms closer and closer, you begin seeing the posts on social media. People who finally determined it was unlikely enough for them to have a Valentine’s Day date, that they become brave enough to let the world know how much they loathe the day. It’s hilarious to me how much it bothers some people when I say that I hate Valentine’s Day. Almost without fail, if I make a comment about hating it, I begin…

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My 91-Year Old Girlfriend – Single Dad, Parents Article

My 91-year old girlfriend.A beautiful, twinkly-eyed, 91-year old woman walks past my house several times a week and makes my day every time I see her. I know she’s 91-years old because, after giving me a wide grin every time I say, “Hello,” to her, she responds in broken English, “I’m 91-years old.” After it snowed a few weeks ago and as I cleared the driveway and my car, she grabbed the ice scraper/brush out of my hand and dusted…

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