giftedness and emotions

A Dead Deer Encounter or the Roots of Anxiety in Gifted Children – Parents Article

As I was driving my four-year-old son to a friend’s birthday party, a truck, stopped at the traffic light in front of us, had a four-wheeler in its bed with a newly-shot deer flopped over the seat and roped down to keep its carcass from sliding off. Immediately after taking in the lifeless body of the deer, my son became intensely emotional. “Mom, bring me home now! How can I possibly attend the birthday party after seeing this injustice?” His…

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When Gifted Kids Face Social Isolation – Parents Article

            For many parents, having a child who seems unusually introverted is a relief. There’s little need to worry about him sneaking off to parties, staying out past his curfew socializing, or getting into many other common forms of mischief. A quiet child is, according to conventional wisdom, a “good” child. If you’re the parent of a gifted kid, however, it’s worthwhile to take a second look at your child’s low-key social life. Not all bright children naturally wish to…

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