Gifted and Creative Children

How To React When Your Child Is Preoccupied With Fairness – Parents Article

Having a sense of fairness is a great virtue and a sign that your child has a strong moral compass. Sometimes, however, kids become obsessed with fairness to an unrealistic degree. Toddlers, gifted children, and children with ADHD are especially prone to this kind of behaviour. When left unchecked, a deep preoccupation with fairness can lead to excessive tantrums, arguments on the playground, and other social issues. If your child is obsessed with fairness, you’ll need to work on balancing…

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A Parent’s Guide To MI Theory – Parents Article

Though the human brain is incredibly complex, until recent years, the popular perception of intelligence was strikingly simple—and antiquated. Indeed, both standard IQ tests and SAT tests are still based largely on the work of Alfred Binet, a French psychologist who developed the first “intelligence test” in the year 1900.             Though Binet’s work was useful during its time, modern researchers like Howard Gardner (author of Frames of Mind) feel that it’s inadequate to measure the sheer diversity of human…

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When Gifted Kids Face Social Isolation – Parents Article

            For many parents, having a child who seems unusually introverted is a relief. There’s little need to worry about him sneaking off to parties, staying out past his curfew socializing, or getting into many other common forms of mischief. A quiet child is, according to conventional wisdom, a “good” child. If you’re the parent of a gifted kid, however, it’s worthwhile to take a second look at your child’s low-key social life. Not all bright children naturally wish to…

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