Getting Pregnant

What is it? & How Does It Work? – Parents Article

What role does the Chinese conception chart play? Being able to predict the future is something that expecting mothers have probably thought about on more than one occasion. Upon taking a pregnancy test to confirm that you are expecting, one of your first thoughts is probably: what gender the child you are carrying may be. Sure, it is possible to reveal the gender of your little one up to 3 months after you get pregnant, but what if you could find…

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I’m sorry did you say twins? Finding out we were having Twins – Multiples and More – Parenting Twins Article

“I’m sorry did you, did you say, err twins?” Was the bewildered cry from my husband when the nurse announced the two heart beats belonged to twins. Five weeks earlier my husband and I had had our early reassurance scan which you have when conceiving through IVF and we were totally overjoyed to see a teeny heartbeat and a little “blob” that was our baby, the baby we had been trying five years for. Having been diagnosed with endometriosis aged…

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