Getting Divorced?

What if we are all Most Likely to Be Divorced? — Single Mom Nation – Single Mum, Parents Article

  I read today that Vanessa Trump, who filed for papers five to seven minutes ago vs. the evil-who-shant-be-named’s eldest child, was named “Most Likely to Be Divorced” in her high school yearbook. Oof. And she was named “Most Likely to be on Ricki Lake.” Also, oof. I am guessing that wasn’t to talk about natural childbirth and grinding placenta into pills. (More oofs.) The designation in a yearbook felt stabby, maybe because it was created by asshole teenagers who…

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What did you lose in your divorce? — Single Mom Nation – Single Mum, Parents Article

In preparation for this podcast episode, I asked you to share what you lost in divorce. The responses were full of raw emotion, humor that comes only with time and grace, regret, grief – and also, amazingly, community. Even if we don’t relate to the details, even if we are not still coping with the loss of something irreplaceable, like a decade of our lives or a family heirloom, we can stand in that feeling and moment with each other. And even…

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