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What to do when Somebody Criticises your Parenting – Parents Article

“You really shouldn’t hold her so much you know”“He should be sleeping in his own room by now”“She’s too old to be having milk at night now”“He should be sleeping through the night by now, it’s not good for him to wake so much”“She’ll never learn to be independent if you don’t leave her”“You need to be firmer with him, he has to learn he can’t always get his own way”“If you don’t punish her she’ll never learn the consequences for…

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How to be a Gentle – Not Permissive – Parent – Parents Article

I was chatting with a journalist recently who was writing an article about forcing children to say sorry (based upon a piece I wrote for the HuffPost a while ago). In the piece I talk about the importance of parenting mindfully, leading by example and teaching children well – but not enforcing discipline because of societal rules, if those rules don’t fit with what we know to be a good fit for the capabilities of children. She asked me what I would do…

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