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My Frugal Trip To Vienna, Day Six, My Day Trip to the Alps – Part 1 – Parents Article

On my sixth day in Vienna I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of mine, and check off something from my bucket list- I visited the Alps. I think I’ve dreamed of going to the Alps since watching the Sound of Music as a kid. Though the Alps cover many countries in Europe, they don’t reach Austria itself, so I took a train to a part of the Alps called Raxalpe. This was the most expensive day of my…

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Why an Inflatable Hot Tub is Worth the Cost – Parents Article

Locally, going to the swimming pool is quite expensive, and the beach is far from my home. For that reason, now that we finally have a yard, I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a backyard above ground pool for the family to enjoy in the summer. Now that I read this post by a reader, though, I’m wondering if maybe we should get one that doubles as a hot tub. A soft hot tub or inflatable hot tub is…

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Our Upcoming Family Trip | Penniless Parenting – Parents Article

A picture of the apartment where we’ll be staying Right now I was supposed to be getting ready and packing my bags for a trip to the airport. A few months ago I booked tickets for a vacation for myself. I was to fly in to Frankfurt Hahn Airport in Germany tomorrow, take a bus to Luxembourg and stay there for the weekend at a a hostel, after which I was going to continue by bus to Paris, stay at…

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