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Day 1 in Bulgaria with My Family- A Day Full of Lessons – Parents Article

Today was… a day full of lessons. All sorts of lessons. About interesting things and frustrated things, and while I would love to say it was an amazing, tremendous, stupendous day, to be honest, more than anything today I felt frustration. However, out of all that frustration came lessons, and with those lessons hopefully ideas on how to improve things for the future. The lesson that started the day was about Bulgarian parking… which I must say, is quite ridiculous.Last…

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Lessons Learned On My Recent Trip to the US and London – Parents Article

Don’t worry, I still have a few more posts I wanted to write about what I did on my trip to London, but I wanted to share some lessons I learned with you on my recent trip to the US (New York and Cleveland) and London. Some of these lessons are location specific, but mostly they’re good lessons for anyone traveling.I’ve broken down the tips into a few different categories, to make them easier to find.Phones and DirectionsPhone plans aren’t…

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