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children’s day and other days – Mother, Inc – Parents Article

It’s children’s day today and the kids were like “WE SHOULD CELEBRATE!” and I asked them what they had in mind and they were all “how about some snacks and we can have fun together maybe go swimming or the playground” and then I was like “this is your entire life, guys – having snacks and having fun hanging out together” and they thought about it for a moment and were all “yeah ok, good point! let’s get on it.” As…

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Family – Mother, Inc – Parents Article

Truett’s been having a difficult time sleeping the past couple of weeks. Insomnia is rough for an adult to deal with and I can’t imagine how much worse it is when you’re 11. He wakes up several times a night and has trouble  falling back asleep so he just lies there in bed, sometimes for hours, feeling the creeping frustration that insomnia brings. We tried every hack for curing insomnia and so far none of it has really worked. Sticking to…

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So, February – Mother, Inc – Parents Article

February and I aren’t like the best of friends. We try to get along but it’s awkwardly cordial at best, with the possibility of being straight up dysfunctional far more often. You always know what to expect with January. There’s the leftover high from the year-end break coupled with the start of a new year to keep things exciting but come February, it’s pretty much just a sad reminder of how much of the year you have to get through…

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