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Babi a Fi: Five Aliens Among Us – Parents Article

Some people believe that aliens – like the truth – are out there. Some believe they have already arrived, be it sucking the blood out of cows, abducting suitably fertile women, or languishing in warehouses at secret US military bases. But some people go one step further -Aliens already live among us.They look like us, sound like us, and are all but indistinguishable from the rest of the population. Unless, of course, you’re in the know. So here are five…

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Babi a Fi: Friday Five: Gemstones – Parents Article

My top five favourite gemstones…#5. DiamondThey are a girl’s best friend.#4. RubyNothing says love like blood red sparkles. (Garnet is an acceptable alternative.)#3. SapphireI’ve always preferred silver to gold jewellery, and sapphire looks super pretty with silver.#2. AmberEspecially if it’s got some cool stuff in it.#1. EmeraldGorgeous vibrant colour – and you can play at being Lex Luthor with a lump of Kryptonite. What is your favourite gem? Let me know in the comments! 🙂 For more like this, click the…

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Babi a Fi: Friday Five – Parents Article

FIVE MOST ANNOYINGLY CATCHY SONGS  #5. Baby Shark. #4. Ooh Stick You! – Daphne & Celeste. #3. Babycakes – 3 of a Kind. #2. Witch Doctor – Cartoons. #1. This Song Is Gonna Get Stuck Inside Your Head from Lego Movie 2. 😀 For more like this, click the image below: This is only a snippet of a Parents Article written by (Jessica Powell) Read Full Parenting Article

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