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Foster the recognition that wisdom is what really counts – Foster Parents Article

Foster carers are the kind of people that need to have a very particular blend of attributes. Ask someone unconnected with fostering as to what these might be, and kindness and compassion will be high if not top of the list. Those involved with fostering provision professionally equally well know that resilience and organisation are key qualities. But there is one more quality that is mentioned far less. And it’s one needed across the board in all walks of life…

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Foster a sense of the value of accessing the arts – Foster Parents Article

Foster carers will at some point be challenged to get the paints out – especially if it’s a wet afternoon. But do we need the Arts? If we do, how do they fit into a world where social media dominates. Questions that might not immediately spring to the mind of a foster carer trying to make sure the paint stays on the paper and not on the walls. And who said that fostering a child would not entail a riot…

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