FCAA Policy Statement Regarding Immigration Families – Foster Parents Article

28 Jun FCAA Policy Statement on Immigration Families   Background:  The FCAA National Board of Directors is composed of a diverse group of professionals who have a wide variety of previous exposure to and life experiences within the child welfare system including foster care. Based on our professional and personal experiences we take a stand on the forced separation of children from families at the southern US border.   We’ve recently witnessed thousands of babies, children and teens separated from…

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Another Good-bye – Foster Parents Article

Ugh, my stomach literally feels upset. Nerves. Today I am packing up my lil big girl and sending her to her ‘new home’. (as we so lovingly call it) Another transition for her. Number seven in just the last two years of her four year old life. Actually, that’s just from the past two years that I have known her, it’s hard to say where all she lived before then. So she well knows and understands what is coming. It…

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