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Foster Talk | Managing through a Goal Change – Foster Parents Article

Many foster families become very excited when they get word that the county Children and Youth agency is pursuing a “goal change” … but hold onto your hats, because the ride is just beginning!  This is one of the most pivotal points in a foster child’s case and it can be quite an emotional rollercoaster for everyone involved.   The “goal change” is when the county Children and Youth agency makes a formal request of the court to stop working…

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Doctors’ Visits | Foster Talk – Foster Parents Article

There are so many important jobs foster parents have when placed with a child. Obvious ones include being a nurturer, a stable mentor, and loving parent – but another responsibility is being the one who helps to identify and get a diagnosis for a possible medical and/or developmental concern. As difficult as it is to squeeze one more appointment into your schedule and one more thing to do during the times of transitions and bonding, arranging medical appointments is essential.…

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Foster Talk | Getting a Diagnosis – Foster Parents Article

Getting a diagnosis is like doing a jigsaw puzzle without half the pieces, some pieces without the whole picture printed on it, and not knowing what your puzzle is supposed to look like. It is challenging and a huge undertaking at times, but at the end when it’s completed it is worth all the time spent. I’m the foster momma to two beautiful twin boys who had a few of these jigsaw puzzles for me to solve. We were given…

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Foster Talk | Saying Goodbye – Foster Parents Article

In the final installment of their blog series, Megan and Heather tackle an appropriate subject: how foster parents must be prepared for the inevitable experience of saying goodbye… Megan Part of the nature of foster care is the inevitable reality that you will have to say goodbye to a child you have cared for. It is never easy. Not ever. Sometimes the child has been in your care for a weekend or a month. Many times they have been with…

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Foster Talk | Working with Biological Parents and Families – Foster Parents Article

Heather and Megan tackle the delicate role that a foster families’ relationship with the biological family plays in caring for a child. Heather I think that for foster parents one of the most challenging aspects is interacting with biological families, because you are asked to form a relationship with the person who was unable to provide appropriate care for the child who is in your home.  You are often dealing with the ramifications of the biological parents’ actions — whether…

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