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The 7 Must Have Items You Need In Your Foster Home — – Foster Parents Article

What items do I need for my foster home? I have conducted nearly one hundred safety audits, and possibly, a tripled amount of quality assurance checks for my agencies foster homes. In doing so, I not only know exactly what items are necessary to have in a foster home for safety, but, also, which products are the most widely used, reliable, and recommended by foster parents. I have included a list of the 7 things you must have to be…

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How To Discipline Children in Foster Care — – Foster Parents Article

One of the most frequently asked questions by newer resource parents in my preservice classes has been, how to discipline foster children. Discipline can be frustrating for any parent, even more so, when the child is not biologically yours. Discipline is essential in parenting and when used appropriately, is an opportunity to teach children acceptable behavior; the sole purpose of discipline should always be to educate. I must warn you, as a foster parent trainer, I try to be very…

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