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Spend Summer at Ease: Start with a Routine – Foster Parents Article

At the end of the school year, kids can be brimming with excitement – their thoughts wandering towards summer break as they sign each other’s yearbooks and daydream about their newfound freedom. The assignments and projects and homework has piled on for months, and it’s suddenly gone!  For some, there are lots of exciting activities to fill this void, but for foster youth things can be different. At the end of the school year resource parents might wonder: how do…

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10 Tips for Successful Foster Care Visits – Foster Parents Article

As we write this post, our kiddos are on a visit. Visitation is an aspect of being a foster parent that is quite interesting, but honestly, not that unique in the world of parenting. If you were raised in a family that experienced a divorce, visitation in foster care can be compared to visitations or shared custody between divorced parents. This post is a guide to help foster parents navigate the intricacies of visitations, and hopefully set themselves, their kiddos,…

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Foster Care Visitation (Pt. 1) – Foster Parents Article

I want to spend some time talking about visitations. If you are new to foster care, or even if your own family is going through a separation or divorce, you may be getting introduced and familiarized with the idea of visitations. You might also find yourself experiencing and getting familiarized with emotions and behaviors surrounding visitations. Behaviors both from the kiddos, and the adults involved. I wrote this post with the hope to encourage you during these potentially difficult times.…

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How Would You Rate Your Pain? – Foster Parents Article

We are very excited to share a guest post from Emergency Mamas. It is wonderful to find like minded Foster Parents who also share honest glimpses into their world and the hard work we do as foster parents. Although we are on the same journey, it is very interesting and informative for us read the experiences and perspectives of others, and see the similarities and differences. We hope you enjoy their post and blog as much as we do! How…

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We Have An(other) Emergency – Pt. 3 – Foster Parents Article

Carlton, 8 After Brit left, DHS quickly realized that our home was open to all children, not just infants and babies.  The older you are, the harder it is for DHS to find a placement for your, long term or short term.  So after Brit left, we very quickly received a call about an 8-year old boy who needed a home, after being removed from his parents and spending the weekend in a hotel.  We talked to Trevor, and he…

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We Have An Emergency – Pt. 2 – Foster Parents Article

Brit, 16 Our first call for an emergency placement was for Brit. She was 16, and the Placement Desk could not give us a lot of initial information about who she is or what the circumstances were for her needing a placement immediately, but stated that it does not sound like their were any behaviors or major issues that would make it a difficult placement. It was a Friday, we were off for the weekend, and we felt that we…

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How to Set Up a Bedroom for Foster Care – Foster Parents Article

Once you start your journey into Foster Care, some people become very anxious. When will I get “the call” for my first placement? Who will it be? Am I prepared enough? Am I ready for this journey? How do I set up my foster care bedroom?! Many people try to channel these anxious thoughts, along with all of the other crazy emotions that come with being an expectant parent, into doing something. They feel the need to prepare, to nest,…

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A college student receives rare scholarship for unfortunate circumstances – – Foster Parents Article

Today, we bring you the story of a college student that has gone above and beyond and a local university has taken notice.  Jasper Gain, lived with her mother and stepdad till she was 13 and then was sent to live with her biological father.”After a period of time living there, there was a lot of stuff I didn’t really agree with that was going on in the house and him and I wound up getting into it and he kicked me out…

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