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Instead of Pointing a Finger, We Hold Their Hand… – Foster CARE Closet of Nebraska – Foster Parents Article

Why Children Come Into Foster Care There’s a myth out there that many kids are in foster care because of something they did.  It’s surprising, but that belief is stronger than you might realize.  Especially when it comes to teenagers, many assume there was behavior issues with the child.  Although there may be some isolated instances where that is the case, it’s the exception, not the rule.     In reality, homes where there is drug use, physical, sexual and…

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“Mommy, Where Are They Taking Me?” – When A Child Enters Foster Care – Foster CARE Closet of Nebraska – Foster Parents Article

It’s the middle of the night.  Sleeping.  You awake to someone leading you out of your bed.  Stranger.  Scared, your eyes dart around the room looking for familiar faces.  There’s one.  Mom.  But she’s talking frantically with a lady.  Mom hands Stranger a big black bag with something in it. You get on your coat, mom is still talking to that lady.  Mom turns and kneels, “Everything is going to be okay, honey.  You’ll go with this lady and you’re…

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