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Lorimer Fostering Events | Foster Care Fortnight – Foster Parents Article

Posted on 26th April 2019 by Beth Owen During this years’ Foster Care Fortnight™, the team at Lorimer Fostering will be helping to raise awareness of the need for more foster carers, particularly in the Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire and Lancashire areas. Come along to one of our Lorimer Fostering events to find out more about becoming a foster carer. FOSTER CARE FORTNIGHT™ For those who do not already know, Foster Care Fortnight is a two-week campaign ran by The Fostering Network charity.…

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Foster Carer Qualities | What Helps To Make A Great Foster Carer? – Foster Parents Article

Posted on 18th March 2019 by Beth Owen In reality, great foster carers come from all types of backgrounds, each with different households, family units and lifestyles. The relationship status, gender, age, family make-up, employment type and cultural background of each person are not significant factors in whether or not being a foster carer is right for someone. Common traits of successful foster carers are more evident when evaluating their skills, values and personal qualities, as well as their ability to…

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