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Can I Really Help My Adopted Child? Or Are Genes More Important Than Environment? – Foster Parents Article

We have all heard that “know it all” parent say under their breath, “If that were my child they wouldn’t act like that.” You may hear it at the park, at school functions, and even at church. Every day, parents of children with behavior problems, may ask themselves, “Am I the right parent for this child? If my child were being raised in a different home, would their behavior be different?” As an adoptive parent, I must admit that I…

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What Foster Parents Must Know About Instant Family – Foster Parents Article

Instant Family is a movie specifically about foster parenting – I absolutely LOVED it! WARNING: Instant Family is NOT a family movie! When I mention in conversations that I’m a foster parent, what usually follows is a barrage of inquisitive questions.   How do you become a foster parent?  Why are the kids in foster care? What happened to their “real” parents?  For the most part, a majority of people don’t understand what it’s like to open your home to not…

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Siblings Adopting Siblings – True Stories – Foster Parents Article

What happens when a family can’t be adopting siblings? Saying no is a guilt-ridden decision that can affect children long-term. Keeping the biological bond through adopting siblings can help children navigate their adoptee identity together. This biological connection can help minimize adoptee grief as the children get older. The Smiths faced that decision. After nearly two years of being foster parents to a baby boy, the Smiths finally adopted the young boy. After his adoption, the Smith’s family felt complete.…

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