Time – A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent. – Single Dad, Parents Article

TIME is a funny thing. Walked past here on Friday and hardly any of the white flowers had emerged. 72 hours later after a yucky cold, dark and damp weekend – any hey presto it’s a sea of white. I remember someone very clever saying that TIME operates at different rates for different people. Thinking about it – that clever person might have been Dr Who. When I was a kid I loved Dr Who. I so wanted to be…

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My Life as Described by Twin Trials and Triumphs: ROLL TIDE, Babies! – Parenting Twins Article

My BEST WEEK EVER post omitted a rather huge piece of goodness…but I decided to save this for a post unto itself. The University of Alabama won its 17th NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP last week!!! Historic!!! The program has quite a history, but prior to 2009, our last championship was in 1992, when I was in 10th grade!  The girls don’t have any sense for such a drought, though, as Bama has won FIVE championships in their short lifetime! You may know…

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