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Tried and Tested Lullabies for Overtired Babies – Parents Article

Parents are all too familiar with every technique in the book to calm down overtired babies. But sometimes, swaying your baby back and forth simply won’t cut it. When your baby is showing signs of restlessness and fussing around just minutes before bedtime, lullabies are one of the most effective self-soothing skills in your parent arsenal. Between picking up a book and singing a little tune, a study from the Official Journal of International Congress of Infant Study shows that…

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Total Sleep Needs of Babies & Toddlers – Parents Article

The Developing Brain Sleep is important for the developing brain and body. By 3 years most children will have slept for more time than all the wakeful activities combined. Many parents worry their baby isn’t getting enough sleep. However, you need to know there is a large variation from baby to baby and toddler to toddler. Just like there is with developmental milestones. Approximately 25% of children will experience a sleep problem of some kind. Physiology of Sleep The Circadian…

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Do Nightlights Help Baby & Toddler Sleep? – Parents Article

Darkness is essential to sleep. Light in the day is responsible for setting the 24 hour circadian rhythm responsible for sleep and awake periods. Melatonin Light exposure at night also stimulates alertness— posing a serious problem for healthy, abundant and refreshing sleep. Light exposure during the late evening leading up to bedtime can make it harder for the baby and toddler to fall asleep. Insufficient darkness throughout the night can lead to frequent and prolonged awakenings. Melatonin, a hormone produced…

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The Early Morning Riser and Addiction to Dairy and the Boob – Parents Article

Strong Temperaments This blog could have been written about several little cuties that I know. The problem often starts at around 6-8 months. I can even see the writing on the wall and predict which of the early morning risers will continue to do so! Most of this behaviour is down to their strong temperament and is not due to any underlying medical problem or physiological issue. The babies with a very fixed view on life are the ones to…

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