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I love being a SAHM, but I’m over asking my husband for money each week – Parents Article

Photo: iStock photo My first memory around money is my mom telling me that if my dad asked if my outfit was new, I should say no, even if it was. My dad worked and made the money, and my mom was a stay-at-home mom who spent it. She spent it on the mortgage, the groceries, and the things we needed—but she also sometimes had to hide her decisions and her purchases. My parents never talked about their finances in front…

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The most loyal employees ever are working moms with good bosses – Parents Article

In the decade since I first became a mom, I’ve had good bosses, bad bosses and a few halfway in between. The bad bosses scared me because I’m a single mom and I have mouths to feed and limits on how much work I can do. The halfway ones left me wary because I was never sure where I stood. And the good ones? They have had my undying loyalty every time because anyone who appreciates a working mom gets…

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