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A Fly on the Wall – Single Dad, Parents Article

The Single Father’s Guide: A Fly on the Wall A Fly on the Wall Among the many benefits of having genuine, platonic female friends (PFF) is the ability to be, almost literally, a fly on the wall. Well, if not exactly a fly, I do occasionally get insights from the fairer gender I wouldn’t otherwise have gotten. (You should have heard some of the sh*t that I’ve heard. Wow.) I like to think it’s a two-way street. My PFF’s can…

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So…You Wanna Date my Daughter? – Single Dads are Cool – Single Dad, Parents Article

I will never forget the first time I became a father. Soon after my first daughter was born I was sitting in a chair holding this 6 lb 3 oz. tiny human and I recall a million thoughts going through my mind. I was a new father. I was excited. I was lost. Who am I kidding…I was terrified! I even remember thinking about all the boys that would one day be at my front doorstep. However, I consoled myself…

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A Racecar Marriage: True Love a Quarter Mile at a Time (Yes, I just quoted Vin Diesel. Sorry.) – Parenting Twins Article

The first time I was ever attracted to my future husband was when he was driving me in his ’91 Eclipse. His hands. Shifting. It was maybe 1997. I was probably 18 and he was 17. It wasn’t a date – just hanging out with a mutual friend. We had known each other for a few years already, and, even though we went to a very small school, we ran in different crowds. He was quiet and wore a lot…

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